Wellness off the Mat

DIY Facial Serum

Taking wellness off the mat, today we are making a super simple and quick face serum that is just amazing for the skin…I’ve been using this basic blend for a decade and personally I think my skin looks better now than it did when I started! For easy reference the recipe we used is asContinue reading “DIY Facial Serum”

Gua Sha Facial Massage

This week in our adventure with wellness off the mat we are exploring the wonderful world of gua sha facial massage. I added this to my bedtime routine for the past week and really enjoy winding down my day this way, it is a nice relaxing way to end the day before tucking myself inContinue reading “Gua Sha Facial Massage”

Full Moon Celebration

In this weeks video were talking full moon and self care, how do we take time for ourselves to truly relax and enjoy, to love ourselves fully. Many of us are great at showing up for others and often spend a lot of our lives on autopilot when it comes to us…lets move from autopilotContinue reading “Full Moon Celebration”

All About WATER!

In this weeks wellness off the mat we are talking water! We know its important to hydrate and drink water but have you ever really given much thought to how and when you drink your water? Probably not…ayurveda does have some thoughts on this and I thought I’d share them with you today. I’d loveContinue reading “All About WATER!”

Belly Rub Moments

Switching our mindset from lack to joy/abundance can change everything, and it starts with our first thoughts of the day, start to notice your first moments, how are they setting up the rest of your day? The pattern of your days start to become your weeks, months, and eventually your life, are these habits takingContinue reading “Belly Rub Moments”

Lets Get Cooking!

Happy Friday!! In this weeks Wellness off the Mat video were hitting the kitchen and making breakfast….stewed apples to be specific. This is a super easy breakfast that anyone can make…its a great way to get your digestion fired up for the day….plus its basically apple pie for breakfast…who can be mad about that!! SendContinue reading “Lets Get Cooking!”

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