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DIY Facial Serum

Taking wellness off the mat, today we are making a super simple and quick face serum that is just amazing for the skin…I’ve been using this basic blend for a decade and personally I think my skin looks better now than it did when I started! For easy reference the recipe we used is asContinue reading “DIY Facial Serum”

Gua Sha Facial Massage

This week in our adventure with wellness off the mat we are exploring the wonderful world of gua sha facial massage. I added this to my bedtime routine for the past week and really enjoy winding down my day this way, it is a nice relaxing way to end the day before tucking myself inContinue reading “Gua Sha Facial Massage”

Full Moon Celebration

In this weeks video were talking full moon and self care, how do we take time for ourselves to truly relax and enjoy, to love ourselves fully. Many of us are great at showing up for others and often spend a lot of our lives on autopilot when it comes to us…lets move from autopilotContinue reading “Full Moon Celebration”

All About WATER!

In this weeks wellness off the mat we are talking water! We know its important to hydrate and drink water but have you ever really given much thought to how and when you drink your water? Probably not…ayurveda does have some thoughts on this and I thought I’d share them with you today. I’d loveContinue reading “All About WATER!”

Belly Rub Moments

Switching our mindset from lack to joy/abundance can change everything, and it starts with our first thoughts of the day, start to notice your first moments, how are they setting up the rest of your day? The pattern of your days start to become your weeks, months, and eventually your life, are these habits takingContinue reading “Belly Rub Moments”

Lets Get Cooking!

Happy Friday!! In this weeks Wellness off the Mat video were hitting the kitchen and making breakfast….stewed apples to be specific. This is a super easy breakfast that anyone can make…its a great way to get your digestion fired up for the day….plus its basically apple pie for breakfast…who can be mad about that!! SendContinue reading “Lets Get Cooking!”

Nurture…turns out its for more than just others

Be honest, do you even know the last time you truly took the time to nurture yourself, oftentimes even our self-care becomes part of our to do list, sure maybe you go for that manicure every two weeks but if making it to that appointment always stresses you out its not self-care anymore…it’s just stressful.Continue reading “Nurture…turns out its for more than just others”

Meditation and how to build it into your life

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve likely heard about meditation…you might even have an app on your phone you downloaded and used a few times. If you’ve tried meditation it’s also likely that you’ve had thoughts like I’m no good at meditation or I don’t have time to do this. Good news! TheContinue reading “Meditation and how to build it into your life”

Learning to be Gentle

First up lets see those vision boards!! I share mine, it was a lot of fun to make and a great way to spend a chilly afternoon snuggled up inside. This time of year we may be thinking a lot about change….let’s remember to be gentle with ourselves as we navigate the areas of ourselvesContinue reading “Learning to be Gentle”

Make your damn bed!

Seriously though guys if you wanna boss up you gotta start small, you can’t build without a solid foundation! Our first week kicks off with adding one simple habit…make your bed…try for first thing as soon as you get up…bonus it keeps you from crawling back in for 5 more minutes!! The real goal hereContinue reading “Make your damn bed!”

Dance Party!!!

As we enter week 3 of our January journey, often this is when new goals and habits start to get hard and maybe lose their shine. So to keep things going our mission this week is to find joy every day! That’s right for 15 minutes each and every day you must do something totallyContinue reading “Dance Party!!!”

Let’s Get Moving

Ok peeps its our last habit for January by this point we’ve taken a look at our daily habits…are you making your bed?; we’ve checked in on our routines….it all comes down to consistency after all; and we’re finding moments of no strings attached joy each and everyday…..damn things are sounding pretty good around here!Continue reading “Let’s Get Moving”

I love you….and you should too!

Hello my Loves…..happy Wednesday!! This week lets recap our January habits…what did we do for the last four weeks anyway….and what do we do now 🤷‍♀️ February is the month of LOVE so start with loving you!!

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