Yoga can be defined as union. A system of physical, mental and spiritual practices facilitate the union of body, mind and spirit. For me finding yoga was like a coming home, it put a name and a system to so many practices I was already doing off the mat to find peace in the mind. Physically the practice on the mat keeps my body strong and flexible, after experiencing a difficult back injury at the age of 17 I find that staying in motion keeps me feeling my best with less pain days. My favorite thing about the practice is that there are no limits, anyone can practice and find a way to make the shapes in their bodies, there is no such thing as not having a yoga body…if you have a body you have a yoga body.

Online Classes via Zoom

All levels yoga (1 hour class) 

Mondays at 4 pm

This class will be geared toward beginners, think lots of cues, but will be suitable for all levels.  We start with gentle warm ups, add in some sun salutations to build some heat, move through a bit of a flow, all culminating in a nice juicy savasana, or final mediation.  Variations will be offered to make class more or less challenging depending on your experience level and what level of movement your body is asking for each day.  

***Zoom room opens 10 minutes before class start time….see you on the mat!***

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I am happy to offer these classes at no charge, however if you feel called to make an offering they are graciously accepted.  I have both Paypal and Venmo set up, please send paypal via friends and family so no one has to pay any fees. Class value $10.  Thank you!

Venmo: marlena85

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