February 2021 Pose of the Month

Week 1 – Meeting the Posture Pigeon Pose or Eka Pada Rajakapotasana As we continue our yoga journey together this month we will focus on pigeon pose…. This is one of those poses most people tend to love or hate without much middle ground. For those of us that love it (I am on thisContinue reading “February 2021 Pose of the Month”

Are you an asker or are you an assumer?

Do you reach out and grab for what you want, or timidly leave hints hoping the world around you knows…or do you just always assume the worst and therefore fail to start? I have been and will continue to be all of these people at different times….the question comes down to….are my actions serving myContinue reading “Are you an asker or are you an assumer?”

Let’s Get Moving

Ok peeps its our last habit for January by this point we’ve taken a look at our daily habits…are you making your bed?; we’ve checked in on our routines….it all comes down to consistency after all; and we’re finding moments of no strings attached joy each and everyday…..damn things are sounding pretty good around here!Continue reading “Let’s Get Moving”

Dance Party!!!

As we enter week 3 of our January journey, often this is when new goals and habits start to get hard and maybe lose their shine. So to keep things going our mission this week is to find joy every day! That’s right for 15 minutes each and every day you must do something totallyContinue reading “Dance Party!!!”

Turns out consistency really is key

Lets recap week one…are you making your bed….I had some great conversations with people about this!! This week were talking routine. This is about more than just what time you go to bed, the truth is this is an exercise in setting and maintaining boundaries for yourself. Can you learn to show up and respectContinue reading “Turns out consistency really is key”

Make your damn bed!

Seriously though guys if you wanna boss up you gotta start small, you can’t build without a solid foundation! Our first week kicks off with adding one simple habit…make your bed…try for first thing as soon as you get up…bonus it keeps you from crawling back in for 5 more minutes!! The real goal hereContinue reading “Make your damn bed!”

Learning to be Gentle

First up lets see those vision boards!! I share mine, it was a lot of fun to make and a great way to spend a chilly afternoon snuggled up inside. This time of year we may be thinking a lot about change….let’s remember to be gentle with ourselves as we navigate the areas of ourselvesContinue reading “Learning to be Gentle”

January 2021 Pose of the Month

Week 1 – Meeting the Posture Standing Forward Fold or Uttanasana As we continue our yoga journey together this month we will focus on standing forward fold…. This is one of my favorite poses and stretches, I do it often to help relieve tension in my back. And as a foundational pose that is oftenContinue reading “January 2021 Pose of the Month”

Resolutions are out…Vision Boards are in!!

Tis the season where we all start thinking new years resolutions…although this year I have a sneaking suspicion were all just happy to have made it through! I am not a fan of resolutions at all, but I do think there is a ton of value in sitting down and allowing yourself some space forContinue reading “Resolutions are out…Vision Boards are in!!”