Let’s Get Moving

Ok peeps its our last habit for January by this point we’ve taken a look at our daily habits…are you making your bed?; we’ve checked in on our routines….it all comes down to consistency after all; and we’re finding moments of no strings attached joy each and everyday…..damn things are sounding pretty good around here! How is everyone doing….can you feel the energy building? I know I can!! Remember that progress is going to take you further in the long run than perfection, just keep going its ok when we mess up while were learning. For our last habit we are adding movement into our daily routines….and I’m not talking painful calorie burning sessions here you guys….we’re talking about joyful movement that celebrates our bodies…what do you LOVE to do….walk, hike, bike, garden, dance, play golf….just do more of it….don’t worry about how many calories you burned or how well you performed, just worry about how much fun your having….I doubt we will find someone reflecting on life wishing they burned more calories!

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