Turns out consistency really is key

Lets recap week one…are you making your bed….I had some great conversations with people about this!!

This week were talking routine. This is about more than just what time you go to bed, the truth is this is an exercise in setting and maintaining boundaries for yourself. Can you learn to show up and respect yourself enough to turn off Netflix and go to bed….(uh this is super hard sometimes)….can you remember to nourish yourself each morning with breakfast before starting your day (does coffee count 🤷‍♀️…sadly no)…once you start and realize how good you feel you begin to realize sleeping in on the weekends isn’t the reward you though it was, and rather showing up for yourself is where you find the wins.

Drop a comment or send me a message I wanna hear about your routines and your wins so far this month…where are you building that good momentum and where do you think you need a little push to get going?

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