Meditation and how to build it into your life

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve likely heard about meditation…you might even have an app on your phone you downloaded and used a few times. If you’ve tried meditation it’s also likely that you’ve had thoughts like I’m no good at meditation or I don’t have time to do this. Good news! The secret is we all feel that way and here I’ve got some ideas for how to start building a practice and how to get “good” at meditation.

For starters know that you can start right where you are, you don’t need a fancy chair, or any other stuff, you don’t even need to carve out new time in your schedule – you can start simply by making tasks you are already doing more mindful. Take walking meditation for instance, maybe you already have time set aside to take a walk in your routine, can you make that time really present and mindful and let it become your meditation practice? This is one of my favorite ways to include meditation time into my every day.

Take the pressure off of meditation also, there is no need to be good at it, the only thing that matters is just doing it. No one is good at meditation they just do it all the time, afterall it is a practice.

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