Full Moon Celebration

In this weeks video were talking full moon and self care, how do we take time for ourselves to truly relax and enjoy, to love ourselves fully. Many of us are great at showing up for others and often spend a lot of our lives on autopilot when it comes to us…lets move from autopilot to intention and show up for ourselves for a change!

There are so many ways to celebrate the full moon, we talk about journaling, meditation, cleansing ourselves and our space, taking a bath, reading a book, making moon water, charging crystals. Go with whatever your feeling most called to and really just take the time for you that’s what matters most! For a little more direction I am including some journal prompts and other fun tidbits.

We drew a card together for those of you that would like to include this in your meditation or ritual but don’t have your own cards.

If you are feeling called to do some journaling it can be helpful to have some prompts to get you started. You can let yourself free write focusing on those things that no longer serve you and that you are ready to release, or try some of these: What have I been neglecting? Where is my heart pulling me? What opportunity should I take? What peace can I find at home? How can I connect with friends and family? What does my body need right now? What does my soul need? What have I been holding on to? Where have I been playing small? What beliefs do I need to let go of? What areas of my life feel out of alignment? What fears am I carrying? Where do I need a new perspective?

You can also use some essential oils as part of your ritual, you can apply to your wrists or feet, add to a diffuser blend, or just take a sniff right from the bottle to infuse your senses, some ideas to use for the full moon are cardamom, eucalyptus, myrrh, sandalwood, or ylang ylang. If you are looking for a good place to purchase oils I recommend Plant Therapy. (This is an affiliate link that helps support me in providing you this content, thanks for your support!)

Check out the video for more information!

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