Gua Sha Facial Massage

This week in our adventure with wellness off the mat we are exploring the wonderful world of gua sha facial massage. I added this to my bedtime routine for the past week and really enjoy winding down my day this way, it is a nice relaxing way to end the day before tucking myself in for the night. I’m curious to see the results, if any, after a month or so of regular use. In the video below I demo how to use the gua sha on the face and neck. Some important things to remember, start with clean skin, make sure the gua sha is clean, oil the skin to help the gua sha slide smoothly along the face without tugging, go slow – make this something you enjoy rather than something to just get done, and be sure to clean the gua sha after each use. Look for either a jade or rose quartz gua sha massage tool in the shape that works best for you.

Some benefits to making this part of your regular routine are easing tension in the muscles of the face, boosting blood circulation, brightening the complexion, and encouraging lymphatic drainage to banish bloat. All this adds up to more youthful and radiant skin and lets be honest who doesn’t want that!

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