New Ideas…Coming Friday, May 1!

Life is funny, I remember a conversation with my mother earlier this year where she suggested teaching online, while I didn’t necessarily disagree it was a good idea, the concept terrified me and I thought – online teaching – not me – fast forward and sometimes life puts us on a path regardless of our opinion of said path, I find more often than not if I surrender to it, the path becomes clearer and easier to navigate…until it isn’t again and so on…..

Navigating this current situation can for sure be challenging, and teaching online has brought plenty of lessons, and will continue to I am sure, but it has reinvigorated me, it gives me something to be excited about during a time we could sure use that.

As a thank you to my students who continue to stick by during times of change, and to those new ones who are joining me along the way, I want to continue to grow my offerings for you and I have an idea to help continue to grow your home practices!

Stay tuned for more info…we start Friday, May 1!!

If you want in an all the fun we are having over on Zoom sign up here and I’ll set you up with the details!

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