How to Set up your Home Yoga Space

The other day I hopped on quick to offer a mini class with some tips for setting up space in your home to practice and finding some things around the house to use as props.  

Many of us may not have maintained much of a home practice before this and might not have a lot of the same things we find at the studio already at home.  The good news is all you actually need for yoga is you…so you already have everything you need! 

That being said sometimes we like a few extras to comfy things up…like a blanket under the knees…heaven!!  We talk everything from incense and music to bolsters and blankets, check it out here

I also promised in the video I’d share a link to my favorite blocks in case you do want to make a purchase for your practice.  These are a nice dense foam that don’t melt with a little pressure and the ones I use in class if you practice with me live.

I don’t want to scare anyone and you don’t NEED any props to practice with me but if you like them, or just want to play around with adding things into your practice these are just some options. 


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