You’re Invited: New Online Classes!!

Hello there fellow yogis, students, old and soon to be new friends, 

It is no secret there is a lot happening in the world right now and everyone is facing some kind of routine change to say the least.  To help ease the transition and maybe fill some new time voids in your schedule I am happy to announce some new online offerings!!!  

Beginner/All levels yoga (1 hour class) 

Tuesdays at 8 am
Thursdays at 4 pm – starting April 16
Saturdays at 10 am

This class will be geared toward beginners, but will be suitable for all levels.  We will start with some gentle warm ups, add in some sun salutations to build some heat, move through a bit of a flow, all culminating in a nice juicy savasana, or final mediation.  Variations will be offered to make class more or less challenging depending on your experience level and what level of movement your body is asking for each day.  

Now for some important housekeeping details…..

Most important – all classes and offerings are free!!   

***If you would like to send a donation that can be done via
Paypal or Venmo. (links below)***

All classes will take place on Zoom.  I like that the platform is interactive unlike Facebook live where I am just talking to a camera.  One of the things I miss most about class time with my students is the community that grows there, I want to see your beautiful faces, yes even at 8 am! 

The code for Zoom will be the same every class to make things easy, just write it down somewhere and you never have to go looking for a link or an email.  The room will open 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time for classes so you have time to get set up before we begin. 

Classes will be recorded and the replay will be available so you can watch or rewatch class anytime you like.  For this reason students will be on mute during class so that the recording is clean, you can type a question in the chat and I will do my best, or I will always hang around at the end if you have questions, just like I would in person for class. 

If you are freaking out because you have never heard of zoom no worries, shoot me an email or a text and I will help you set up and create a private test room for you to log into and check it out anytime that works for you.  Zoom is very user friendly!! 

Remember that yoga should be more about listening to the teacher than watching the teacher.  If you have taken class with me in person you know that I do not demo the entire class and often can be found wandering the room watching all of you.  I say this to help ease your suffering with “how am I going to see the teacher” anxieties now that maybe you are doing this on your phone/tablet/laptop.  I will demo poses during class, so it will be nice if you can have some visual of your device, but I will also do my best to give clear instructions for you to listen to and follow along to even if your visual isn’t the greatest.  

Props.  Some of us love them…some of us hate them….either way maybe your missing them now that you are at home.  I am here to tell you NO WORRIES!! So much stuff you have laying around the house will work as a yoga prop.  Towels, blankets, pillows all make great bolsters and block substitutes. For blocks think about how you use them, for example a block under your hip/leg in pigeon could (more comfortably) be a blanket or a towel, whereas a block being used to bring the ground closer in triangle might be better subbed by a book or something else hard.  Look around your home and get creative in what might make a great prop for your practice. Also know that you can show up just you, no rules, no supplies needed and totally rock class, or you can pinterest DIY up some bolsters and get fancy….whatever you do, that is YOUR yoga and that is just perfect. 

I will post reminders on social media about classes, so if you don’t follow me already you should!

I am happy to offer these classes at no charge, however if you feel called to make an offering they are graciously accepted.  I have both Paypal and Venmo set up, please send paypal via friends and family so no one has to pay any fees. Thank you!

Venmo: marlena85

I look forward to seeing you all in class!


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